About Us

About OST

"Manage Your Business By Managing IT With Enabling Information Age."

About Us

OST is one of India's leading Web solutions companies founded in 1998. The company has grown multifold within a very short period of time. It has built several successful brands including 'Spin Intelligence' and 'OST Cam Capture'. Company has spared wings in Software Development, Hardware Sales & Service. Now OST in association with Net4Domain is among the leading and the largest provider of data center services and domain name registration in India. It has over 20,000 unique clients and executes nearly 500+ new transactions every month.

Our Vision

OST formed by group of skilled and experienced professionals to deliver the excellent service to the client.The obstacles of every client are easily cleared and made their business grow high by following simple and easy steps.Our main vision is to deliver quality and world class solutions for all sorts of business needs.We use the best known and latest technologies that definitely will comfort the customers by all mean.

Our Mission

The mission of every company will be to deliver the most satisfactory solution but OST is here to devote themselves for each and every requirement of the customers and leaves them if and only if they are completely satisfied and really feel the difference in their business performance.

All the problems are treated equally and given equal importance. We show full dedications in submitting the product in time and good quality.No matter how big the problem is, the professionals work in time and complete the project in time considering the need of every customer and also the price package is extremely satisfactory.